UI/UX & Product Design

I am a creative designer with over seven years of experience ranging from UI and UX to product design, as well as branding and advertising design. I match my diverse background with a keen eye kept on just how users are utilizing technology, and how the business can benefit from it, in this constantly changing environment.


Hey there! My name is Kristoffer, but you can call me K.C. I am a versatile designer who likes to take chances and loves getting fired up about a project!

I enjoy working on everything from product design and user experience and user interface design to branding and marketing design. I’m also available for freelance work, if you have a project you’d like to work with me on, please feel free to reach out!

Kristoffer Daniels

Visual Design

From concept to wireframe and into hifi mockups and prototypes, I love piecing together the solutions that will lead to success in any capacity and medium desired.

Product Design

My passion is in product design and making sure that the features being focused on are the ones most relevant to the end user and their overall experience.

UI Design

Much of my expertise lies in user interface design. When a product combines familiar elements with new and exciting experiences, users want to use and share it with their network.


I specialize in bringing ideas to life, using data and user testing to continually refine a product, and improving products; both in their features and in the user interface and user experience. I’m well versed in Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite as well as Sketch, InVision, and Framer.


Some of my latest work & case studies

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