Engaging Employees and Visitors – A Product Design/UI Case Study

The Problem

I was standing at Coffee Bean one day, looking up at a TV they had mounted on the wall with what can be best described as a custom skin covering the bottom 1/4 and left 1/4 of the picture. In these were constantly changing twitter/news feeds as well as weather all localized to the store’s location. Meanwhile in my office, we had just installed a TV that we planned on displaying our twitter feed on, for any guests to see while waiting for their meeting. The combination of these two events caused me to look into whether anyone provided custom branded solutions for businesses that would enable someone like an office manager or receptionist to manage a corporate skin with social feed integration as well as various interchangeable pieces and video capabilities (i.e. YouTube channel linking to automatically play recent commercials) all from a dashboard accessible via web browser, and have it all pulled into an AppleTV app to display accordingly on the TV(s).

No solutions existed, so I set out to design how I envisioned it could work.

LobbyTV Mockup

The Process

Once I started thinking about what needed to be displayed, I broke it into it’s two natural parts:

• Dashboard

• Display

Early on, I decided to design this with a focus on AppleTV, but I believe the system could be adapted to various boxes/sticks that exist to access web content on TV.

I felt that developing a template system with various widgets that could be moved around and arranged to fit a brands needs would be the best option. This also leaves the door open for custom designs to be created in partnership with brands if they desire that level of customization. But my initial goal was ease of use to put someone like a receptionist in charge of this and not have it be a burden on them. More of a set it and forget it approach, and then if say the logo changes, they can request a new file, upload it, and if need be change a few brand colors out, and be back in business in 5 minutes.

The point of view I have on it is a web app for the dashboard module and then the AppleTV app that would be downloaded and then they would log in/pair to their dashboard and from there content can be pulled/updated accordingly.


Below are a couple of layouts I’ve built out with Pendo and AirBnB as my subjects.


Once I worked out the static mockups in Sketch, I wanted to put together a prototype to show how this would look in a real environment. I utilized existing AirBnB content, original viewable here, just as they would, if they were to use the system as designed. Where they can link their channel or use a playlist of YouTube videos to cycle through almost as if it were their own internal TV channel. I made use of their wonderful Instagram feed to display the social side of things and found great stats on their website that anyone would be impressed by if they were sitting in reception waiting for a meeting; and anyone that works there would be proud to pass by every day!

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