FRANK List was something I created out of a desire to build a very simple to use CRM for people just starting out or dipping their toes into a sales based role. I wanted to deliver a solution that would allow them to utilize their existing contact list to:

• Schedule calls
• Receive reminders
• Tag their responsiveness

After defining my MVP, I put together initial wireframes and utilized Upwork (Elance at the time) to identify a development team that would be best suited for the role.

From there I provided hi-fidelity mocks and user flows, as well as managed the development team and the project timeline/deliverables.


Prior to submitting the app to Apple’s App Store for approval, I reached out to potential users for beta testing, and was able to make changes suggested, based on their feedback.

Additional Work Samples

AirDate Mock

Bitter Stencils

One of my own personal biggest challenges to date, I developed a product and launched on Kickstarter. Bitter Stencils was born out of seeing bartenders using thin plastic hand cut with X-acto knives to create stencils upon which they would spray bitters to effectively “paint” the top of a drink, most times one containing egg or topped with a foam of some form. After much trial and error, I figured out that 1/8″ thick black plastic would be the perfect solution, as it could be laser cut, wouldn’t stain (just ask my sink how bad bitters stain) was durable enough for re-use and washing. I lined up a manufacturer, did tests, and developed the overall shape of the final product, labeling, collateral, etc.

From there, I developed the Kickstarter rewards, design elements, reached out to bloggers for press. Finally we filmed, edited, and produced our video, and launched. Unfortunately I didn’t get funded, but the sheer amount of knowledge gained in the process was more than I can even put words to. From sourcing, to PR and outreach, to physical product design and even video skills; I’m extremely thankful I took a leap and just did it.

Logo Design

Bitter Stencils

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